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2018 | The Peace Walls: An Oral History, Voices from those living in the Shadow of the Walls
IFI / Imagine Peace Walls Project: Sarah Lorimer & Malachy Mulgrew with Lower Oldpark Community Association & Community Regeneration Forum residents. Published: June 2018 (PDF)

2017 | Interface Gates: Dept. Of Justice Request Form for extended opening hours
NI Department of Justice, Published: 20 September 2017, (Word)

2017 | Interface Barriers, Peacelines And Defensive Architecture
Belfast Interface Project: Published: 2017, (PDF) ISBN: 978-0-9548819-5-5

2016 | Cost of Division: A benchmark of performance and expenditure (Detailed Paper)
Ulster University Economic Policy Centre, Published: January 2016, (PDF)

2016 | Residential segregation, dividing walls and mental health: a population-based record linkage study
Maguire A, French D, O’Reilly D. Epidemiol Community Health 2016;70:845–854. doi:10.1136/jech-2015-206888 Published: 8 February 2016 (PDF)

2016 | Peace Walls & Barrier Removal: Building Sustainable Communities
Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium (BCRC): Blomkvist, Jessica, Published: March 2016 (PDF)

2016 | Growing Up on an Interface: Findings and Implications for the Social Needs, Mental Health and Lifetime Opportunities
NI Executive Office: Cummings EM, Shirlow P, Browne B, Dwyer C, Merrilees CE, Taylor LK, Published: 25 March 2016 (PDF)

2015 | Removing Peace Walls and Public Policy (1): The Challenge of Definition and Design
Gormley-Heenan C, Morrow D. and Byrne J, Ulster University Institute for Research in Social Sciences, Published: October 2015, (PDF)

2015 | Removing Peace Walls and Public Policy (2): The Challenge of Delivery
Morrow D, Byrne J, & Gormley-Heenan C, Ulster University Institute for Research in Social Sciences, Published: October 2015, (PDF)

2015 | Removing Peace Walls and Public Policy (3): The Challenge of Engaging Communities
Byrne J, Gormley-Heenan C & Morrow D, Ulster University Institute for Research in Social Sciences, Published: October 2015, (PDF)

2015 | Public Attitudes to Peace Walls (Survey Results)
NI Department of Justice: Byrne J, Gormley-Heenan C, Morrow D, Sturgeon B., Published: December 2015 (PDF)

2013 | A Model of Consultation? Transformation and Regeneration at the Interface
Community Relations Council: iCR, Bell J & Young J, Published: September 2013, (PDF)

2010 | Beyond Belfast - Contested spaces in urban, rural and cross border settings
CRC, Bell, J, Jarman, N & Harvey, B, (PDF) ISBN 978 1 898276 46 3

2009 | Impact of the Conflict on Public Space and Architecture
Arts Council of Northern Ireland: Mackel, C. (PDF)

1988 | Interface Communities and the Peace Process
Belfast Interface Project: Published: 23 March 1998, (PDF)


2015 | Belfast: Toward a City without Walls
Colourpoint: Cosstick, V. (Publisher Link)


2018 April | Belfast Divided | Sky News |
Sky News ‘Line 18’ Production. “Belfast Divided.” News Report by David Blevins, Broadcast 9 April 2018, YouTube,
Locations: Cupar Way, Townsend Street, Northumberland Street, Falls Road, Springmartin Road, Beverley Street, Ardoyne.

2018 | Squaddies on the Frontline | BBC Northern Ireland |
An Open Reel production for BBC Northern Ireland. “Squaddies on the Frontline.” Programme Producer/Director: Vinny Cunningham / John Peto, Broadcast 2018, You Tube:
Locations: British Army in Northern Ireland, Lydd, Kent.

2017 December | Take Northern Ireland's 'Troubles' (Peace wall) taxi tour | BBC News |
BBC News. “Take Northern Ireland's 'Troubles' (Peace wall) taxi tour.” BBC News Report by Helene Daouphars, Broadcast 4 December 2017,
Locations: Cupar Way, Bombay Street, Kashmir Road, St. Galls’s Avenue, Lanark Way, Belfast Interface Project, Black Mountain Shared Space, Springmartin Road.

2016 February | Troubles 'peace wall' at north Belfast interface is dismantled | BBC News |
BBC News. “Troubles 'peace wall' at north Belfast interface is dismantled’.” BBC News Report, Broadcast 25 February 2016,
Locations: Crumlin Road Interface

2013 | The Wall | BBC NI / Triplevision |
Triplevision Productions for BBC. “The Wall.” Directed by Gerard Scratton & Eamonn Devlin, Broadcast 2013, Published on 11 April 2016, YouTube,
Locations: Short Strand, Bryson Street, Madrid Street, Thistle Court, Clandeboye Gardens, Cluan Place, Ravenhill Road, Woodstock Road, Newtownards Road.

2013 April | Calls to remove ‘peace walls’ in Belfast | BBC News |
BBC News. “Northern Ireland:Calls to remove ‘peace walls’ in Belfast.” BBC News Report by Chris Buckler, Broadcast 10 April 2013,
Locations: Cupar Way, Workman Avenue, Springfield Road, Northumberland Street, Falls Road.

2012 July | Peace in Northern Ireland, But Religious Divide Remains | PBS |
PBS ‘NewsHour’ Production. “Peace in Northern Ireland, But Religious Divide Remains.” News Report by Kira Kay, Broadcast 11 Jul 2012, YouTube,
Locations: Cupar Way, Shankill Road, Falls Road, Stormont, Laganside, Alliance Avenue, Forth Parade, Ardoyne Avenue, Hazelwood School, Alexandra Park.

2011 September | New Gate in Belfast ‘peace wall’ | BBC News |
BBC News. “New Gate in Belfast ‘peace wall’.” BBC News Report by Mark Simpson , Broadcast 16 September 2011, also
Locations: Alexandra Park

1998 April | Good Friday Agreement | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Good Friday Agreement.” RTÉ News Report by David Davin-Power, Broadcast 10 April 1998,
Locations: Stormont.

1976 October | The Heartland Of Loyalism On The Shankill Road | RTÉ |
RTÉ ‘7 Days’. “The Heartland Of Loyalism On The Shankill Road.” RTÉ ‘7 Days’ Programme, Broadcast 12 October 1976,
Locations: Shankill Road, North Howard Street, Bayardo Bar, Divis Flats, Save the Shankill Campaign.

1974 | Children in Crossfire | BBC |
BBC Colour Documentary Production. “Children in Crossfire.” Written & Produced by Michael Blakstad, Broadcast 1974, YouTube,
Locations: Cretan Estate, Derry/Londonderry and Belfast: Roden Street, Springfield Road, Ballymurphy, Springmartin Road, Electric Street, Magnetic Street, Clifford Street, Beatla Street, Selby Street, Barton Street, Falls-Shankill Peaceline, Taggart Army Post, Newtownards Road, Ballymurphy, Divis Flats.

1972 December | Operation Banner in Belfast | Queen’s Regiment, 2nd Battalion Production from Unsourced footage |
Queen’s Regiment, 2nd Battalion Production. “Operation Banner in Belfast.” YouTube,
Locations: Lenadoon Avenue, New Lodge, Andersonstown, Turf Lodge.

1972 May | Belfast's Tartan Gangs | BBC |
BBC ’24 Hours’ Documentary Production. “Belfast's Tartan Gangs.” Report by Max Hastings, Broadcast May 1972, YouTube,
Locations: Short Strand, Inner East Belfast, Newtownards Road.

1970s | Children Of Belfast | British Pathé |
British Pathé. “Children Of Belfast.” Published on 13 April 2014, YouTube,
Locations: Derelict Houses in Belfast

1970s | British Troops Patrol Ardoyne | British Pathé |
British Pathé. “British Troops Patrol.” Published on 13 April 2014, YouTube,
Locations: Ardoyne, North Belfast, Etna Drive (Burned Out Houses), Alliance Avenue

1969 | Going To School In Belfast | British Pathé |
British Pathé. “Going To School In Belfast.” Published on 13 April 2014, YouTube,
Locations: Ardoyne, North Belfast, Crumlin Road Shops & (pre) Roundabout.

1969 September | British Troops in Northern Ireland & Peace Wall Construction | ThamesTV |
ThamesTV 'This Week'. “British Troops in Northern Ireland & Peaceline Construction.” ThamesTV report by John Edwards, Broadcast 18 September 1969, VT101017, YouTube,
Locations: Cupar Street, Dover Street, Beverley Street, Leeson Street.

1969 September | Peace Walls & Barricades - Part 1 | (Unsourced) |
Unsourced. “Peace Walls & Barricades - Part 1.” YouTube,
Locations: Falls

1969 September | Peace Walls & Barricades - Part 2 | (Unsourced) |
Unsourced. “Peace Walls & Barricades - Part 2.” YouTube,
Locations: Barricades, Barricades Posters, Kids singing ‘The Sash’, ‘This is Free Belfast’ Barricade, Leeson Street, Abercorn Street North, Divis Flats (under construction), Copper Salvagers, etc

1969 September | The Dawn of the Troubles | (Unsourced) |
Unsourced. “The Dawn of the Troubles.” YouTube,
Locations: Millfield, Divis Street.

1971 September 30 | Life in Northern Ireland | Thames TV |
Thames TV 'This Week'. “Life in Northern Ireland.” Thames 'This Week' TV Programme on ‘Sectarian Violence in Belfast’, Broadcast 30 September 1971, YouTube,
Locations: Falls Terminus, Burning Buses, Ardoyne, Short Strand, Bryson Street (Houses being blocked up), Thistle St, Belfast suburbs.

1969 August | Night of Violence in Ardoyne | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Night of Violence in Ardoyne.” RTÉ News Report by Barry Linnane, Broadcast 17 August 1969, N3603/0069F,
Locations: Ardoyne, Hooker Street, Brookfield Street.

1969 August | Bombay Street Destroyed in Belfast Attacks | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Bombay Street Destroyed in Belfast Attacks.” RTÉ News Report by Barry Linnane, Broadcast 16 August 1969, N3602/0069A,
Locations: Bombay Street, Kashmir Road.

1969 August | Belfast Burns | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Belfast Burns.” RTÉ News Report, Broadcast 16 August 1969, N3602/0069A,
Locations: Falls Road, Conway Street, Falls Road Barricades

1969 August | Death on Night of Bloody Violence | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Death on Night of Bloody Violence.” RTÉ News Report by Barry Linnane & Kevin Healy, Broadcast 15 August 1969, N3601/0069A,
Locations: Falls Road, Divis Street.


2018 December | Along the Peaceline | BBC Radio 4 |
A Far Shoreline production for BBC Radio 4. “Along the Peaceline.” Radio Programme with writers Maria Fusco and Glenn Patterson, Produced by Dan Shepherd, Broadcast 13 December 2018,
Locations: Shankill Road, Cupar Way, Ardoyne, Etna Drive, Alliance Avenue, Glenbryn Park.

2017 April | Walls and Peace | BBC World Service |
A radio production for BBC World Service. “Walls and Peace.” Radio Programme Produced by Arlene Gregarious, presented by Cathy Gormley-Heenan, Broadcast 15 April 2017,
Locations: Belfast Peacewalls, Israel-West Bank, the US-Mexican border.

1969 August | Night of Shame for Belfast | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Night of Shame for Belfast.” RTÉ News Report by Kevin Healy & Martin Wallace, Broadcast 15 August 1969, AA6072,
Locations: Hooker Street, Divis Street, Falls Raod, Shankill Road, Percy Street.

1969 August | Honeymoon Period for use of Troops can be very short lived | RTÉ News |
RTÉ News. “Honeymoon Period for use of Troops can be very short lived.” RTÉ News Report of Press Conference given by British Army GOC General Freeland by Seán Duignan, Broadcast 18 August 1969, QNX000231,
Locations: Belfast.